Are You Dealing With Insurance Claim Denial After A Natural Disaster?

On the evening of October 20, 2019, a series of tornadoes hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including an EF3. This was the costliest tornado event in Texas history, leaving behind $1.55 billion in damage. To date, there are still a number of buildings in need of repair, even after all these months. As insurance payments are delayed or denied, these repairs also will remain delayed. The Dallas-Fort Worth community deserves to be able to rebuild and move on from this costly, traumatic event.

Are You Dealing With Insurance Claim Denial After A Natural Disaster?

It is not uncommon after a natural disaster to fall victim to insurance carriers, who delay, deny or underpay claims. Natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or storms can occur anywhere, anytime, and leave expensive damage in their wake. When insurance carriers don’t cover those damages, to the extent that victims are owed, buildings are left in need of repair or never rebuilt. This is not only taxing on the individuals involved, but a compounded blight on the area as a whole. People and their communities deserve better after natural disasters.

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Insurance Claim Denial or Delays Slow Repairs and Rebuilding

After a natural disaster, it’s reasonable to expect your insurance company to come through in a timely manner and in full. That’s why you have disaster insurance, to cover the expenses of damages incurred. But when insurance companies drag their feet or don’t pay in full, the stress that you are facing is multiplied.


Signs That Your Insurance Company Is Not Fulfilling Their Responsibilities

Natural Disasters Don’t 
Just Impact Homeowners

Homeowners are not the only ones victimized by denied, delayed, or underpaid claims after a natural disaster. When a natural event strikes, damages to infrastructure in various industries can be common. Those also impacted may include:

Business Owners

School Districts

City, County and other Government entities

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When An Attorney Steps In To Help Insurance Claim Denial Victims

Bruce W. Steckler has been retained by businesses, homeowners, counties, cities, and school districts in claims against their insurance carriers for bad faith and failure to adequately adjust claims following natural disasters. These representations have provided his firm with insight into the insurance industry and its practices and provided much needed recoveries.

Based on his experience and willingness to work on a contingent fee basis, several governmental entities and businesses have sought his assistance to get the money they are entitled to. Most notably, as one of the lead counsel in the Chinese Drywall cases, Mr. Steckler filed a mass declaratory action against all the defendants’ insurance carriers to seek coverage. His efforts resulted in tens of millions of dollars being paid to homeowners. Mr. Steckler is committed to seeking the coverage his clients are entitled to as well as all expenses including attorney fees. He strives to ensure that his clients are not victimized twice.

Some of Mr. Steckler’s clients have included:

  • City of Pasadena, Texas
  • Willacy County, Texas
  • LaPorte Independent School District
  • Barbers Hill Independent School District and others.
Attorney Bruce Steckler and his law firm are now investigating insurance claim denials throughout the United States with the goal of full financial compensation to the client.
Mr. Steckler recently noted, “I do not want to get a victim’s money back and then have them pay legal fees above and beyond the value of their loss. We want the consumers to be made whole, which means that we want a recovery of legal fees and expenses as well as any consumer loss.”

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